Spot and Stop Sneaky Boundary Busters on The Terri Cole Show

Spot and Stop Sneaky Boundary Busters on The Terri Cole Show

Today, I’m talking about boundary busters that prevent you from having effective boundaries in your relationships. Those sneaky boundary busters can be part of your daily life and hide themselves so well that you can barely notice them.

Do you take care of your energy? This is a really important question because so much of the time we don’t take care of our energy and it can be extremely harmful when you want to create boundaries. How many times do we say something is “fine” when it’s actually not fine..?

On today’s show,¬† I talk about how to take care of your energy, how to be assertive when saying what you mean, the harm of misnaming emotions, why you should be specific about what you want to happen in your relationship, and more.

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“Saying what you mean – instead of blocking intimacy, up-levels your intimacy and makes your relationships so much more satisfying.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to spot boundary busters

  • The importance of taking care of your energy

  • How to take care of your energy

  • Why you should say what you mean

  • How to solve problem in your relationship

  • The sneaky ways that boundaries can be violated

  • Why to communicate clearly

  • How to be assertive

“Our job is to constantly teach people how to treat us.” – Terri Cole

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“All these encrypted messages we give to people, we give it to them without a key and wonder why we feel misunderstood.” – ¬†Terri Cole

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