How Mean Mothers Impact Self-Love on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

How Mean Mothers Impact Self-Love on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeIf I asked you who has the deepest impact on your ability to love yourself, who would you say? If you said your mother (or primary caregiver growing up), you are correct. A lot of experiences can have some deep effects on our lives and relationships, but your mother is probably the most impactful.

In this episode I’m talking about what happens when you have a mean or unloving mother, how it impacts your ability to love yourself and others, and what steps you can take to start healing if it happened to you.

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“What happens when what is reflected back to you as a child is negative?” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Having a mean mother is isolating
  • What is the impact of having a mean mother
  • Having a mean mother give you the disease to please
  • What is the disease to please
  • Why you might have a lack of confidence
  • What is a repeating reality
  • How to find out if you are repeating reality
  • How mean mothers impact our relationships
  • What steps you can take to heal
  • Look at a picture of yourself as a child
  • Take a snapshot of your relationships
  • You get to choose your own family now

“It’s difficult to draw boundaries when you have a mean mother because you are always looking for approval.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“The child of an unloving mother never knows which mother they’re going to get in any interaction: the good one or the bad one.” – Terri Cole


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