Kris Carr on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Kris Carr on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeToday I am talking to one of my oldest and dearest friends Kris Carr about pretty much everything: how we met, how she got into creating beautiful guided meditations, and what else is going on in her life!

Kris is a multi New York Times bestselling author, wellness activist, cancer thriver (not just survivor), and the subject and director of Crazy Sexy Cancer, a documentary about her cancer journey. She is also a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100, was named a new role model by the New York Times. Kris is always lecturing at hospitals, wellness centers, and corporations and organizations like Whole Foods and Harvard, and more.

One of the things I find so amazing about Kris is that she is on the front lines in the fight against disease. She encourages people to take back their health by eating a plant-based diet, improving their lifestyle practices, and learning to live like they mean it. Not only did Kris inspired me to change my life and my diet and health, but she is hysterical and bright, and she was this way even when she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2003.

I think you’ll enjoy our conversation as we discuss her cancer and health journey, how she found love right under her nose, and what was the inspiration behind her latest meditation album.

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“When you are diagnosed, you have this opportunity to create a deeply healing, loving, forgiving, everlasting relationship with yourself.” – Kris Carr

Show Notes:

  • What happened when Kris was diagnosed with stage IV cancer
  • Why you have to look at the whole body and not just the tumors
  • The world of food and wellness is changing
  • What lessons Kris has learned from living with cancer
  • How Kris makes sense of horrible life events
  • Why confidence is overrated
  • How she transformed her love life
  • Why love was right under her nose
  • What inspired Kris’s latest meditation album
  • How Kris uses meditation

“Confidence is overrated… I have courage, and courage is a lot more important.” – Kris Carr

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“You want to know what’s really good for you? Ask your body.” – Kris Carr



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