If you’re interested in bringing more YAY to your life, then you’ll love my guest, Meaghan Murphy.  She is a good friend of mine, and Meaghan recently came out with a new book, Your Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Approach to Having Endless Energy and Filling Everyday with YAY.

Meaghan is optimistic, high-energy and really filled with “YAY”. She’s a certified fitness expert, author, editor, podcaster and mother of 3 (plus a fur baby!). She definitely has an amazing upbeat personality.

On today’s show, we talk all about Your Fully Charged Life. We talk about the difference between sustainable change and just regular change, the importance of having one-on-one time with people you prioritize in your life, the strategy that she uses to make decisions, and much more.

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“In that moment, what I needed and what I assumed everyone else in the world needed, was moments of joy moments of YAY, to inject some goodness in a really crap hard time.” –  Meaghan Murphy

Show Notes:

  • How to have more YAY in your life
  • Why Meaghan was inspired to write a book
  • How to be purpose driven
  • Who is Meaghan’s book is for
  • How to balance your personal and professional life
  • The difference between sustainable change and just regular change
  • What’s the “maybe ” dilemma?
  • The 3 “F’s” that she uses before making any decision

“I truly believe my book is for anyone who thinks tomorrow can be more awesome but just doesn’t know how to get there.” –  Meaghan Murphy

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 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  | Meaghan Murphy

“If you live your life brushing things and people off, you will never be happy.” –  Meaghan Murphy

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