Do you think you would be happier if you were loved more? Would your day brighten if you knew that there was someone out there who thought that you were the most interesting, fun, loving and sexy person ever? Have you been waiting for that special someone to come along and recognize just how fabulous you are?

Stop waiting. I found someone who can do that for you. Are you ready for the surprise?

It’s you.

It is time for you to love with yourself, for you to treat yourself like you are the best person you know. Give yourself that gift – the gift of being in love with yourself.

Try it out and see what a profound impact loving yourself will have on your life and the lives of everyone around you. See how loving yourself will attract others into your life who will appreciate all that is wonderful about you.

Please let me know how it goes. Come share the love here in the comment section or on my facebook page.

Love love love,


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  1. Helinor-
    Thank you for your kind note! Good for you for taking control of your health and happiness! It lights me up to have another Fearless and Free warrior in our posse!
    Welcome and please keep us in the loop of your light!
    Love Love Love

  2. Terri, thank you. I found your site through Kris Carr’s site and both you women have come along at the best time for me! Today just keeps getting better. So the way I am showing love to myself is by making decisive choices about my personal health and wellness. I have made appointments with the relevant specialists and have made an appointment with myself to spend time clearing the mental blockages, taking a Fearless Inventory and also doing a spot of Psychological Spring Cleaning! Thank you a million, I shall report back on the results but to be honest they are already manifesting now.

    Kind regards and masses of support. Helinor.

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