What's YOUR Love Language? on The Terri Cole Show

What's YOUR Love Language? on The Terri Cole Show

We’re taking a deep dive deep into how love speaks itself, and how to harness your love language in your relationships. I use the book, The 5 love Languages by Gary Chapman all the time with my clients and it has been a staple of mine since the 90s.

Are you the receiving/giving gifts love language type or actions speaks louder than words for you? I talk about the 5 different love languages, how to be fluent in your love language, how you can use the platinum rule in your relationship, and how to understand the love language you and your partner are speaking.

To help you figure it out, I created a quiz that will give you the answer for this question.


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When we’re really dialed into the unique ways that each of us feels and receives love, then it is so much easier for us to express our needs wants, and desires more directly.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What we are learning in our life-long quest
  • Do you expect someone to know how you feel without telling them?
  • What are love languages
  • How to find out your love language
  • What’s your partners love language?
  • Do actions speak louder than words

Love speaks. but not only in words.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

So much of the time when people would come to therapy having conflict in their relationship, it really wasn’t a miscommunication. It was that sense that we expect someone to know how we feel without telling them how we feel.” – Terri Cole

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