The summer is almost here!

As the temperature rises, clothing and bedding are not the only things that need to be switched out to accommodate the seasonal change. Eating lighter, cooler, hydrating foods plus drinking lots of H2O will keep you energized and your skin looking great throughout the summer months.   Also when the weather is nice, who wants to spend time in a hot kitchen? My go to summer choices are quick and easy smoothies, salads and cold soup recipes.

The challenge for me is creating enough variety to stave off boredom. (Ex: Gluten-free avocado toast for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, grilled salmon on salad for dinner on a monotonous daily loop makes me want to eat a vat of truffle mac and cheese and fries!)

Since I am not a nutritionist or a chef, I prefer to turn to the experts to navigate my summer culinary journey. Today I’m talking to my friend Keri Glassman who is a nationally recognized celebrity Keri Glassman on Hello Freedom with Terri Colenutritionist, registered dietitian, healthy cooking expert and published author. Keri is the founder and president of Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice and health and wellness brand. She has created her own line of supplements including a delicious vegan protein powder. Keri has simplified the process of eating healthy for any season, and has been a leader in advancing a “whole person” approach to health and wellness, which really resonates with me. I asked Keri for simple suggestions for all of us to eat better and more healthfully, no matter where we may be in our personal food journey and eating life.

Keri’s holistic and inclusive approach makes healthy eating accessible to all. She teaches about how to make good and then better choices. She does this minus the black and white, right or wrong judgments that many nutritionists can employ. Keri inspires us to learn, which is why she also has founded The Nutrition School, a 12-week online course created to provide an unprecedented nutrition education and can be used as a springboard for building a  successful career in the health and wellness industry. (New session starts July 1, enrollment is open now!) The course is not exclusively for professionals, it is open to the curious layperson who wants to become better educated about what to eat and why.

I think you’re really going to like my conversation, and be sure to stay tuned until the end of the show to hear about some of Keri’s favorite, simple, summer recipes.

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“I had the idea that I would be able to put it throughout the country in some way, shape, or form, and have people spreading this message of nutritious life.” –  Keri Glassman

Show Notes:

  • How to become a celebrity nutritionist
  • Why she liked TV
  • The importance of follow through and flexibility
  • How she started creating her nutrition school
  • What is her mission

“My mission has always been to reach as many people as possible and take their nutrition up a notch.” – Keri Glassman


  • The self care rituals that keep her grounded
  • Her favorite summer smoothie
  • What willpower has to do with weight loss
  • What small tweaks you can make to your routine
  • Why she made a vegan protein powder

“We’re literally craving worse foods when we’re stressed. We gain weight in our midsection when we’re stressed. And ultimately, we give in.” – Keri Glassman


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“I start with people where they can do something they’re already doing, but make a tweak to it that will give them a big result.” – Keri Glassman







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