Julie Anne Eason on The Terri Cole Show

Julie Anne Eason on The Terri Cole ShowI’m super excited to have Julie Anne Eason on today’s show of The Terri Cole Show. If you are a writer or someone who always dreamed about writing, this show is for you.

Julie Anne is an author, speaker and CEO of Thanet House Books – a boutique book company that helps people get their ideas out of their mind and translate to the written world, from project to distribution.

She has helped me so much in the making of my own book, Boundary Boss which comes out April 2021. Julie Anne and I share about our experience in this book writing process, and she shares her perspective and experience as a book publisher.

On this episode, Julie Anne guides us through how to develop the mentality and simplify the art of writing. She also shares the importance of creating an outline in a form of questions, how to develop the purpose of your book and the importance of taking your readers in a journey through your book.

On top of that, Julie Anne has an amazing gift for all my listeners, a digital copy of her book The Profitable Business Author – be sure to check it out!

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“It’s not what you want to say, it’s what the readers need to know.” – Julie Anne Eason

Show Notes:

  • Julie’s role in my new book, Boundary Boss
  • How to simplify the art of writing
  • How to avoid writers block and easily get started writing
  • What to do to change your writing mentality
  • The best way to outline
  • How to find the purpose of your book
  • The role of a publisher
  • How to start writing a book

“If you write it correctly, you are going to reverse engineer the entire book to meet a specific goal.” – Julie Anne Eason

Links Mentioned:

 Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube | Thanet House Books

“A book carries your message and your life experience out to help people you don’t even know you are helping.” – Julie Anne Eason

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  1. I enjoyed this podcast as I could relate having written a book myself. I resonated with, and was somewhat relieved to hear you say, that you had a moment of self doubt when reviewers weren’t responding as quickly as you expected. I think this self doubt and pre-rejection (they mustn’t have liked it) would be an interesting topic for a deep dive in a future podcast. Unless you already have 🙂 I’m working my way through back episodes.


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