There are a zillion self-help books out there but how many can you say deeply impacted some aspect of your life? I may read more of this genre than the average person but much of the time I experience repeating themes that all seem to run together in my mind.

That’s one of the many reasons I’m so excited to share today’s, Hello Freedom interview with my buddy Jonathan Fields!

Last week, Jonathan’s new book, How to Live a Good Life came out and I can hJonathan Fields on Hello Freedom with Terri Coleonestly say it is one of those rare and impactful self-help experiences that stays with you long after you’ve turned the last page. Many of you are familiar with Jonathan’s work because of his incredible podcast, the Good Life Project, and his earlier well known video series, Good Life Project where he asked twenty nine influencers in wellness and business what constitutes a “good life?”

I love that Jonathan is not only smart and successful, but also highly relatable. When I asked him why this book, why now, he talked about how many people are living their lives feeling disconnected, feeling unwell, feeling regret. This book is a resource for those people who haven’t found help that resonates – for those who haven’t found someone they can trust. This book is filled with tools and strategies from all of Jonathan’s work, interviews, personal lessons, and aha moments. It’s a modern day manual for the pursuit of a life well lived.

I think you’ll enjoy this deep dive with my wise, soulful pal. Listen now to hear all about it plus much more!

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“My goal was to essentially create a book that wouldn’t be read but would be done.” – Jonathan Fields

Show Notes:

  • Why Jonathan decided to write his book
  • What stories are in his book
  • What are the good life buckets
  • How to balance being an introvert and being a public person
  • The importance of having time for yourself

“There’s a little something you can do every day, and over a period of days, weeks, months, maybe years, you’re going to find there are a lot of shifts that happen almost on their own through approaching the pursuit of a good life more as a daily practice than this big disruptive thing that requires a lot of pain.” – Jonathan Fields


  • How to prioritize your needs
  • What inspired Jonathan to add value to the world
  • Who Jonathan wrote this book for
  • Why Jonathan is planting trees for his book launch
  • The benefits of being in nature

“How can you build a life that’s rich, that’s rewarding, that’s deeply meaningful, that’s profoundly connected unless you understand what it’s like to be connected or disconnected?” – Jonathan Fields


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“If you zoom the lens out and look from the outside in at the things that I’ve created, they’re all built around a blend of craft, delight, and service.” – Jonathan Fields















*Featured image courtesy of Luciane Lazzaris

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