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On today’s episode of my Hello Freedom podcast I’ve got a surprise guest. Actually, who he turned out to be was a surprise to me until about an hour before our interview. A client turned me on to an interesting website about Vedic meditation and I signed up to start receiving the Vedic Meditation, Thought of the Day and loved it! On a whim I reached directly to the creator of the blog, Jeff Kober to invite him to be a guest on the podcast and he agreed.

I started researching more about Vedic Master Jeff Kober and this other Jeff Kober kept coming up in my google searches. I recognized him immediately an actor from Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, NCIS, Law and Order and a zillion other films and shows I’d seen  over the past thirty years. Clearly tJeff Kober on Hello Freedom with Terri Colehere must be two Jeff Kobers, I thought, because how could busy working actor Jeff be putting out a daily, thought of the day email?

To my surprise and delight there is only one Jeff Kober; esteemed actor and Vedic meditation teacher all rolled into one wide awake, enchanting human.

We had a great conversation and riffed on meditation, addiction and the hotbed of mental health that the entertainment industry is not! Jeff was so open-hearted and generous in sharing his experience, his mastery and a surprising story about the director of his last film, Clint Eastwood. I found it interesting that his real life energy is so calm and comforting-sort of the exact opposite of many of the scary characters he plays!

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Also if you are in NYC on Sunday April 24th, 2016 you can join Jeff for a  free live, Intro to Meditation Ziva Meditation. Would love to see you there!



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“I think those of us that have deep tragedies in our lives or who respond deeply to the tragedy in some part of their life are given a gift.” –  Jeff Kober

Show Notes:

  • How he came to meditation
  • What his daily meditation practice is
  • How sets can affect his practice
  • The atmosphere directors create on their sets
  • His journey to getting sober
  • How he learned to lean into discomfort

“There’s always something new to explore, there’s always some new expansion to be made; This is an infinite system we’re dealing with here.” – Jeff Kober


  • Dealing with fear and anxiety
  • The Vedic approach to psychology
  • Why you have to take responsibility
  • The importance of living in your body
  • Why he practices mindfulness

“That’s what meditation gives me: I don’t need your approval on a set, I need only the space to give what I’m expected to give and to give what I want to give.” – Jeff Kober


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“When we start doing what life wants us to do it leaves the realm of approval and non approval and becomes the realm of discovery.” – Jeff Kober


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  1. Thank you so much for this podcast, to say I enjoyed listening is a vast understatement. Jeff Kober sounds peaceful, if one can sound peaceful. His insights were fantastic. Teri, I don’t know how you came into my sphere, but I am so grateful that you have. Many thanks for introducing me to another way of being. Rosie

    1. Rosie-
      I am so happy the podcast resonated with you. jeff is a gem! I am also grateful we are sharing sphere space!

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