Is Your Parent a Narcissist? on The Terri Cole Show

Is Your Parent a Narcissist? on The Terri Cole ShowOne of my listeners recently wrote to me asking if her father is a narcissist. I thought that if she has this question, then many of you probably do too.

So today, I’m going over an “Is Your Parent a Narcissist?” checklist.

I’m giving you 20 real-life behaviors that your parent might exhibit if they are a narcissist. I talk about control, co-dependency, overstepping boundaries, guilt-tripping, competition, and more.


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“Nothing is really about you when you have truly a narcissistic parent.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is a narcissist
  • Is your parent a narcissist?
  • How to deal with a narcissistic parent
  • What it means if your parent is extremely controlling
  • How a narcissistic parent influences your ability to trust yourself
  • What is projection
  • How projection works with narcissism
  • Can narcissists have empathy?

“You can lessen your suffering by being accepting about what your parent may or may not be.” – Terri Cole

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“If what they’re doing is not working, then they will up the ante until it does work.” – Terri Cole

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  1. I’m realizing at age 42 how unhealthy my family dynamics were/are. It’s lead me to a sad/messed up life, being the scapegoat who is still treated like a 13 year old. I cried so much when my mother died four years ago because it was a huge realization that my life was in ruins because I wasn’t smart enough to make better decisions to get away from the toxicity and make good decisions. Now I’m in a relationship with out sanity or any progress. Every trait you are listing is applicable to both my mother and father. I was drawn into a crazed adult world before I ever got to have a real teenage life. It was all about my mother and aunts weird life. She just wrecked av hoke on everyone. Still am unsure of my feelings, but they are all bad if any.

    1. I’m witnessing you with compassion. You deserve time and space to heal. if you’re in a relationship that feels toxic and lacking sanity, you may need some space so you can heal your old wounds. Working with a counselor or therapist that specializes in narcissistic family dynamics may help you to heal.

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