Is this sentence familiar: “I’ll be happy when ___________” and then fill in the blank.

Are you waiting for your happiness to happen to you? Do you believe you’ll be happy when you lose 10 pounds, have a boy/girl friend, get married, have a baby, own a home, etc. etc. etc.?

Can you challenge yourself to claim your happiness NOW? There is no guarantee that anything we project into the future will happen. What we are assured of, however, is that this moment will never happen again and that this moment, right now, is the only one that exists. So, seizing all the opportunity and happiness that this moment has to offer is priceless and all that you know for sure exists.

Another interesting point on which to reflect is that when you do lose the weight, get the girl or boyfriend, have the baby, or buy the home will it be enough. Will you be happy then or will you then have to achieve another “milestone” somewhere in the ambivalent future in order to secure happiness? Many times it can become a never-ending cycle.

Do you have trouble being happy in the here and now? Are you too future-focused? I would love to hear your pearls of wisdom of how you feel happiness now, despite life circumstances, or support you in your struggle.

I hope you have a truly, genuinely happy week.

Love Love Love


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