How Not To Raise a Codependent on The Terri Cole Show

How Not To Raise a Codependent on The Terri Cole ShowToday, we are talking about codependency between parents and children. I want you to approach this episode with an open heart and an open mind because I want you to ask yourself and come up with honest answers.

Do you have an unhealthy attachment to your child? Are you limiting your children’s experience?

On today’s show, I talk about the meaning of codependency, the codependency between a parent and a child and your true job as a parent.

I talk about controlling parents and how harmful that can be, how to change your mindset from total protection to actually preparing your children to go out into the world, how not to force your unfulfilled dreams into your kid, and how you should be a role model to your children.


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“Codependency is the rotten foundation that bad relationships are built upon.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Are you raising a codependent?
  • How to avoid raising a codependent
  • What is codependency between a parent and a child?
  • Do you have an unhealthy attachment to your child?
  • What’s your role as a parent?
  • Do your teenagers have problem-solving skills?

“Think about the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your life, you’ve learned them by doing them.” – Terri Cole

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“Prepare your kids in a way that they can have their own grand adventures in life.” – Terri Cole

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  1. Dear Magnificent Terri, I have wanted to write you an email for a few years now each and EVERY time I hear one of your youtubes or podcasts …so here inside one single message I am sending you a Trizilion thankyous because your work is exceptional and your beautiful personal style, sharing and caring has given me the greatest boost in my life. I vote you as the ON POINT brilliance of all speakers I have ever experienced in the field of Self growth and change. Please keep brilling for the world. sending much love and gratitude.

    1. Hi Cara,
      I am very grateful for your kind words ? thank you so much for being here. I’m very glad this has resonated for you and I am sending you lots of love and light ?

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