Holiday Boundaries on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Holiday Boundaries on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeIt’s time to talk about the holidays. Can you believe they’re here? Me neither – it seems like it keeps getting earlier and earlier.

Usually around this time of year I put out a blog called “Destress the Holiday Mess,” but I’m doing something different this year because I want to focus on helping you create a proactive holiday boundary success plan.

You know I’m all about boundaries: setting ones to make your life easier, how to set them, dealing with narcissists and family members, and more. Today I’m talking about setting holiday specific boundaries to help you cut down on the financial and emotional stress that often comes with the season.

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“How can we come up with ways that you can actually be peaceful and joyful this holiday season?” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • The holidays mean lots of time with family
  • How can we make the holidays less self-sacrificing
  • You have to decide how you want to feel
  • Actions to take that might make this holiday season joyful for you:
    • You have to prepare
    • Adjust your own attitude
    • Keep your side of the street clean
    • No is not a four letter word!
    • Don’t overindulge in alcohol
  • It’s time to take control of your life

“Try to be present to everything that is right in your life, in your family, in the year that has passed.” – Terri Cole

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“It requires a conscious decision on your part that you are going to take control of the holidays for yourself.” – Terri Cole

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  1. I love your Holiday Boundaries! I stayed home for Christmas by myself. Can’t stand the narcissistic family members who have drove over me in the past. Not going to drive in the snow, while my gutters fill with ice when my roof needs shoveling every hour. Not going to listen to the critical mother who nothing is ever good enough. Not going to feel bad that my son’s new finance’s family is just as narcissistic as some of my family members and ditched me for the holidays, when I raised him by myself and he turned out great. They get to benefit from him not me. No respect from them about me. No I won’t drink either or smoke pot. I won’t call the old boyfriend who has taken advantage of me off and on for years. Didn’t buy any gifts, no not me, just a $200 gift card for my son and his fiance, sent it in an email, sorry I worked no time for shopping. No not me. I am making Greek stew with cinnamon and clove filling my house with good smells. I will dive into reading a good book while I am home to watch my roof if it needs tending too. Make sure my walkway is shoveled on time if I need too. I will take a Jacuzzi bath if I want. Walk around the house naked if I want. Yes I will definitely enjoy my Christmas and won’t partake in the circus this year. I dream of a day when I find a mate, with a great family for me to enjoy the holidays with.

    1. Connie!
      This post truly inspired me and honestly your Xmas plans sound AWESOME! I can smell the stew and feel the expansion of the freedom you have created for yourself. And yes yes yes to chosen family! You don’t need to wait for a mate – build those relationships with trusted friends and mentors – and you can create the healthy family you didn’t get -this time around. Wishing all love, peace and prosperity in 2018!

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