Happy Wednesday Spirit Junkies!

I am so excited about today’s guest vlog by my spiritual running buddy and best selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein.

Gabby serves up some divine advice on what to do when you are in a spiritual Throw Down with your EGO!

I also wanted to alert you to a FREE 90 minute call tomorrow night, 6/9 at 8pm EST, that I am so excited about. Gabrielle and the self-love Goddess herself, Christine Arylo are Bringing Happy Back! Get advice and tools to create the life of your dreams (YES you can have it all!) and get the insider’s scoop on their 40 day Fear Cleanse! Click here to register!

So enjoy the Vlog and hope to “see” you on the call!

Love Love Love,

If you are inspired by what you see, click here to join Gabby’s groovy world of all things empowering! She truly is a SPIRIT JUNKIE!

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