Gabby Bernstein on The Terri Cole Show

Gabby Bernstein on The Terri Cole ShowI’m super excited because I’m interviewing my good friend, Gabby Bernstein, on today’s episode of The Terri Cole Show.

Gabby is a speaker, a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, and a Spirit Junkie. She helps people use spirituality to live their most fulfilling life and manifest their greatest desires.

Gabby has written seven amazing books including The Universe Has Your Back, May Cause Miracles, her new book Super Attractor.

On today’s show, we talk about how to get what you want in life. Gabby shares about her postpartum experience, her new book Super Attractor, how to take spiritually aligned action, and what she has learned about creating what she wants in her life.

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“The power within us to be Super Attractors requires faith, love, and surrender.” – Gabby Bernstein

Show Notes:

  • How to surrender
  • The importance of relinquishing control
  • How to become unapologetic with what you desire
  • How to feel good
  • What postpartum depression and anxiety is like
  • How to heal from postpartum depression and anxiety
  • When to turn things over to spirituality
  • How to take spiritually aligned action
  • The 4 Step Spiritually Aligned Action Method
  • What are you running towards or away from?

“If you want to fully live as a Super Attractor, you have to fully relinquish that need to control.” – Gabby Bernstein

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“Wherever you are on your personal growth journey, having some sort of spiritual faith will help no matter what.” – Gabby Bernstein


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