Dr. Shefali on The Terri Cole Show with Terri Cole

Dr. Shefali on The Terri Cole Show with Terri ColeI’m so excited to have Dr. Shefali with me on today’s show!

Dr. Shefali is a New York Times bestselling author of two groundbreaking books on parenting, The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family. Oprah has named her work as “revolutionary”, and I would definitely agree.

I often talk about healing our emotional baggage that’s “down in the basement” and Dr. Shefali teaches a similar approach to conscious parenting. She believes that parents need to learn to heal their own emotional baggage and raise themselves into an elevated state of awareness before they raise their children.

We take a deep dive into Dr. Shefali’s work on today’s show. We talk about the keys to conscious parenting, how our emotional work influences our children and much more.

I think you’ll find her work fascinating.


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How do we connect to ourselves and then to our children (for who it is we essentially are without culture’s deep indoctrination)?” – Dr. Shefali

Show Notes:

  • How to become a better parent
  • What is conscious parenting
  • How to heal old wounds
  • The best way to deal with discipline
  • Why discipline doesn’t work
  • The importance of meditation

Meditation is the pathway to self-regulation and self-care and manifestation.” – Dr. Shefali

Links Mentioned:

 Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Dr. Shefali

Culture has allowed this unmitigated access power-trip to parents saying ‘you can discipline these being in the name of love’, and really what are the techniques of discipline?” – Dr. Shefali

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