Do Not Confuse This With Vulnerability on The Terri Cole Show

Do Not Confuse This With Vulnerability on The Terri Cole ShowWe’ve all heard a ton about vulnerability lately. There’s been a ton of news about the importance of being vulnerable, but it is REALLY important that we are CONSCIOUSLY being vulnerable.

Some people will throw your vulnerability in your face, and it can be super harmful to your mental health.

In today’s show, I get really clear about what this actually is and how to expose your honest vulnerability in a healthy way. Yes, vulnerability is beautiful, but it is also something we need to be really careful with.

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We need to fully understand what healthy voluntary vulnerability is.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is vulnerability
  • When it is appropriate to be vulnerable
  • Who to be vulnerable with
  • What is over-sharing
  • When to emotionally protect yourself

Sharing too much too soon actually is a block to intimacy.” – Terri Cole

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You have a right to your privacy.” – Terri Cole

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  1. As ever, salient grounded input from expert and super professional Terri Cole. Wise choice of topic. Here again Terri manages to touch us through her illustrations and sound ontology. We love your work, much gratitude to you.

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