Greetings Holiday Elves!

I’ve got 5 quick ways for you to keep stress in its place so you can sail through this holiday with a perm-grin!

  1. Prepare for the Mess- Have a list with people you need to buy for, what you plan on buying them, and a gift-giving budget. Take your list shopping with you and stick to it!- If you are cooking, fix dishes that can be made ahead of time and even frozen.- And, most important, NO CHRISTMAS EVE SHOPPING! Enjoy the fruits of your labor that evening and get to bed before Santa catches you!
  2. No Is Not a 4-Letter Word
    You do not need to attend every event to which you’re invited. Be selective and go to only those parties you’ll truly enjoy. Decline politely to others.
  3. Only Keep Your Side of the Street Clean
    You can’t control others behaving badly and stressful family situations. What you can control is what you say and do and how you behave. Release yourself from others’ behavior.
  4. Drunks Are Stressful and Boring
    Enough said.
  5. Decide to Rock an Attitude of Gratitude
    Stay deeply committed to this feeling knowing it will support your other goal of being completely UN-offend-able!

How do you de-stress the holiday mess? Share your tips by posting a comment here. Be good little elves and spread the holiday cheer – press the “like” button to post this tip on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope you have an amazing holiday, and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love

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