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Today I’ve got a great interview with someone who has really has a huge impact on my life, my brother from another mother, Davidji.

Davidji was my original meditation teacher over ten years ago, and I was always just able to understand him – he made meditation click for me. He helped me understand how meditation was impacting the other 23 hours of my day.

This man is a globally recognized mind and body health and wellness expert, a mindful performance trainer, and bestselling author. His new book is called Destressifying: The Real World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind. I can’t wait for you to hear about his new book, how tries to view everything with a positive lens, and why he likes to take the scenic route.

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“The definition of stress is simply how you respond when your needs are not met.” –  Davidji

Show Notes:

  • How stress inspired his new book
  • The importance of having an emotional vocabulary
  • The benefits of mastering our emotions
  • Why people have to become mindful
  • The power of the ripple
  • How interrupting your pattern can make a big difference
  • How working with the military has opened his eyes
  • Why we should view unmet expectations as challenges

“If we can always be in that mode where we’re doing what we love and it’s helping, healing, and serving others, then we will have such little stress.” – Davidji


  • Why we have to choose positivity
  • How we can see responsibility as an opportunity
  • How being compassionate can shift the energy of an interaction
  • Why we have to ask ourselves what the best version of ourselves would do
  • How destressifying is a way of life
  • Why he loves connecting with nature
  • Why he tries to take a more scenic route

“Once we can really look at our lives and see that stress is not just a threat, but potentially a challenge, then we can suddenly use it as a tool to heal us.” – Davidji


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“I like the word responsibility because to me that means the ability to respond creatively.” – Davidji

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