Davidji on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Davidji on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeToday’s guest is near and dear to my heart. Davidji is one of my closest friends who was and still is my meditation teacher. He helped me on my own path and his work is to help other people transform their own lives.

Davidji’s new book, The Sacred Powers: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation, is out and I’m so excited for him to tell you about it. We also talked about meditation, how we met, Chopra Center, and his own path to meditation and his goal of helping others discover the practice.

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“Really what I want to do is teach the deeper meanings and help people take their lives to the next level.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What inspired Davidji’s new book The Sacred Powers
  • Why you have to find the tools to make life-changing decisions
  • What are the five threads that lead to transformation: one, awareness, rebirth, infinite flow, and inner fire
  • What brought Davidji to his spiritual work
  • People like to learn in different ways
  • How Davidji came up with these teachings
  • Why we need to elevate all the elements of our life
  • We need permission to grow and learn
  • What he’s doing for the tour for the book

“As long as we are allowing ourselves to grow and learn, then we are freaking perfect.” – Terri Cole

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“We transform the world by transforming ourselves.” – Terri Cole


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