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Danielle LaPorte on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeYou remember my friend Danielle LaPorte. Well she has new book baby out in the world called White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path – from one seeker to another.

Of course, I had to have her on to talk about this new project for her, and our conversation inspired me. Danielle knows that spirituality does not equal self-improvement. She encourages you to laugh and cry, to seek your own truth, to do what feels good and what you care about in the moment. She is as motivated as ever to spread her message of self-love and self-acceptance.

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“You can be a loving person and not take shit from people. And by not taking shit from people, you actually become a more loving person.” – Danielle LaPorte

Show Notes:

  • Why tolerance does not equal spirituality
  • What is the premise of Danielle’s new book
  • What happened when she acknowledged her own pain
  • How she found her own white hot truth
  • What is Danielle’s motivation to share this message
  • How to become your own guru
  • What is an input fast
  • How to stop craving to be different than you are right now
  • How to know if you’re doing something for the right reasons
  • Why you have to get rid of the auto-yes
  • What happens when you end up further away from your power
  • What’s on your laundry list?

“Stop criticizing yourself for all the silly things you’ve done.” – Danielle LaPorte

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“Nobody who’s in human form knows what’s right all the time for everybody.” – Danielle LaPorte


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  1. I’m listening to White Hot Truth on audio at the moment, and wow it’s like Danielle has been inside my head! 20 years of yoga and meditation practice, 20 + years of soul searching and I often feel frustrated and despondent as to where I am on my journey; why the knowledge and information hasn’t yet turned into realisation. Can’t wait to listen ladies. Thank you for sharing your stories to help us find our truth. Sending love and light xx

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