white hot truth

Do you feel like you are constantly seeking? Seeking the truth from healers, psychics, and gurus? Seeking to be more loving? Seeking to be more harmonious?

What if you have all the answers within you? What if you could stop seeking from other people and start seeking within?

Today I’m talking with my good friend, bestselling author, speaker, and blogger, Danielle LaPorte, about her brand new book baby, White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping it Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another. This book is ahead of its time and exactly what we need right now. It is chock full of hilarious & honest stories, observations, and wisdom from Danielle’s experience that resonates deeply. Click the button below to check out my personal one-on-one interview with Danielle!

For every reader, White Hot Truth begs the question: Are the things you are doing to make you well and free actually making you well and free? Or is it just another big stick that you can use to beat yourself up with? This book instructs us on how to ask better questions and allow self-compassion to guide our choices.

Listen now for my full interview with Danielle LaPorte and to learn that it’s not about how we seek spiritual fulfillment, but why we seek it.

Plus, join Danielle’s White Hot Truth book club, completely FREE right now and grab your own copy of WHT here!

As Danielle says in the interview, her mission is to bring Light to as many people as possible, which means lots of freebies (FREE 18 video series + written material by joining the book club!) and wonderful conversations about finding your own White Hot Truth. Turn your self-criticism into self-love and join the liberation celebration!

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