Do you believe your surroundings affect your mood? Some psychological theories suggest your physical space reflects your mental space. My personal and professional experience supports this theory. The Live Fearless and Free blueprint for daily living includes creating a custom Zen Den, as I believe the theory can be reversed and your external space also influences your internal space. I have a beautiful Zen Den at home and bring a mini version on the road. (Have Buddha will travel 😉 I believe creating a scared space around you reminds you to tend to the divine sacred space within you.

The elements of your sacred space should mirror what calms, soothes, inspires and uplifts you. You can include essential oils or beautiful soy candles for luscious aroma. I always carry at least one strand of tiny white lights for a soothing ambiance. I include statues of deities or inspirational archetypes like Buddha, Ganesha or Shiva. I also have a magnet of Wonder Women, a small picture of Deepak Chopra <3, photos of loved ones and flowers, leaves or moss. Whatever inspires you is perfect.

Creating a sacred space for meditation or to bring comfort is an act of fierce self-care. Taking the time to build a space that soothes and nourishes you has a positive ripple effect. When you take care of you first, you have something to offers others.

Do you have a sacred space? Have you ever created a meditation alter? If not, I invite you to PIMP YOUR SPACE and get creative!

Looking forward to seeing how creative you can be! Feel free to post a picture of your Zen Den right here and join the conversation!

Love love love,

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