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Please enjoy this motivational post from my pal, Bonnie Matthews, who lost 130 pounds and inspires people all over the country to lose weight while having fun! Bonnie is a Wellness Warrior blogger with The Dr. Oz Show. She is a healthy cook, personal fitness trainer and host of Get Bon Wellness Retreats.

I used to have a protective shield that hid me from the rest of the world. I don’t even truly know what I was hiding from. Perhaps I was really hiding from myself – a woman who was afraid. That protective shield was really an excuse for not living a full life and I didn’t even know it. What was I afraid of? Was I afraid of showing my true sensual kindhearted self to the world? Fear had stopped me from connecting to my true self for too long.

One day, I had an epiphany that saved my life. You see, I had been over 265 lbs and had some health issues. I was hiding behind that body not allowing the world to see the real me. But one day, I finally heard that still-little-voice inside of me say…

“You have got the strength and the power to overcome this and change your life forever.”

Get Bon

I was 43 when I finally confronted my fear of truly trying to tackle my obesity, once and for all. I didn’t want to hide any longer. I wanted to share with the world an empowered, beautiful woman who was strong and in control! I wanted to love myself enough and invite others to love me too!

And so I began a walk towards wellness. It started with finally recognizing that my new healthy body was only achievable through being honest with myself and loving myself enough to  do the work. I reclaimed my inner strength, accepted where I had been, and visualized where I wanted to be! I gave myself permission to be present in myself. I didn’t read any books, or do any crazy diets to lose 130 lbs. I simply turned my fear into action. I overcame my once paralyzing gym anxiety and got off sugar. These actions saved my life.

If you are truly struggling with a weight issue, I urge you to sit quietly with yourself. Ask why you are hiding from the world? Why are you the way you are? Be brave enough to confront those fears and tackle them one at a time. If you do, my friend, you will succeed in dropping that weight and walking towards an incredible new life of wellness and weightlessness. You have the power within you to change your mind and your body, one simple thought at a time.

Get Bon Wellness Retreats

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  1. Fear manifests itself in so many different ways. I love the warrior who confronted that fear and told it she’d had enough. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and reminding us that our power is already inside of us.

    1. Hana-
      Thank you for your never ending support of inspiring women GETTIN’ SH** DONE! And Kickin’ FEAR’s butt in the process!! You truly live the FEARLESS AND FREE!
      love love love

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