Christine Hassler on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

What do you do when you’re disappointed? How do you react? Do you look closer into what happened? I recently had a disappointment, and I made myself look into that crap stew, as I like to call it, and pull out a gem. I like knowing that something good can and will come of that bad situation.

Today I want to talk about having an expectation hangover. Which just so happens to be the title of my guest’s book. Christine Hassler is a friend, a fellow podcaster, and coach. Her book is all about getting over the past and moving forward and creating what you want in life.


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“As a retreat facilitator, I see how much people learn and change from watching other people be coached because their defenses are down.” –  Christine Hassler

Show Notes:

  • How she started her own podcast
  • Why she loves coaching
  • How she let’s her emotional side lead and her logical mind follow
  • The joy she finds in connecting with people
  • Why often something needs to go wrong for us to change
  • What inspired her to write her book

“We have such intuition, and if we take the time to get quiet enough to really listen, we’re always guided.” – Christine Hassler


  • Why she wants to share her journey and help other people
  • What happens when we invest in ourselves
  • You have to realize that you are responsible for your happiness
  • We can’t fight for our limitations
  • The feminine energy coming into the world right now

“I think we’re our own best investment.” – Christine Hassler

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“A lot of people get stuck here because they think forgiveness means condoning. No you’re not, you’re freeing yourself.” – Christine Hassler


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