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My intuition saved my life.

In 1998, after a cancer diagnosis, surgery and radiation treatment the doctors gave me a clean bill of health.

This is exactly what you hope to hear on your follow visit and thankfully I felt perfectly fine…physically. But…I could not not shake this nagging feeling that something else was wrong. I felt that there was more cancer that they missed. Everyone thought I was nuts and just traumatized from what I had been through. The surgeon at the hospital that claims to provide, “the best cancer care anywhere,” was such a condescending jerk when I tried to discuss my ‘feeling’ that I fired him on the spot. My husband agreed that I should trust my intuition and follow it. So we surgeon shopped in NYC until I found a doctor who would remove the other half of my thyroid based solely on my non-medical intuition. I was diagnosed with a more dangerous cancer that could spread to lungs and bones. I had another surgery and more radiation. My surgeon said, “I am really glad we listened to your intuition.” Um…me too pal!


Do you have a story like mine? How dialed into your own intuition or innate wisdom are you? When you get a gut instinct about something, do you follow it or are you afraid to trust what you’re feeling?


From a therapeutic point of view there are many factors that can block your ability to recognize the wisdom of your intuition. A dysfunctional family system of physical or sexual abuse can deny a child’s reality, if the adults don’t acknowledge the abuse. This teaches and requires the child to act ‘as if’ all is well, when down deep, in their gut, they know it’s not.  They distrust what they feel and their instincts. That is one of many family cultures that teach children to look outside of themselves for the approval and validation, which can also negatively impact your ability to know and feel what is right for you.


A combination of right and left-brain information is the most logical way to honor your intuition. When you feel something is off, whether it’s a relationship or an investment opportunity, pay attention. You can then take the time to look at the facts and make an informed decision.


Below are three things you can do to strengthen your connection to your own intuition.


    1.  Breathing to Quiet Your Mind


It is much easier to hear your internal dialogue if your mind is quiet. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every three to four hours, Stop and breathe for two full minutes, consciously clearing your mind of thoughts. Feel yourself in your body as you breathe deeply.


  1. RPM (Rise Pee Meditate as my teacher Davidji would say)

Starting your day with any amount of stillness and silence will connect you to your innate wisdom and calibrate your mood for a good day.

  1. Use it to Improve it

Being intuitive is a skill. The more you practice the better you get. Start small with situations that are not anxiety provoking like guessing who is calling (without looking at caller id) before you pick up your phone or guessing which elevator door will open first etc. The more you exercise and pay attention to your intuitive impulses the sooner they become skills that add value to your life.


If you are interested in learning more ways to raise your intuition, tune into Hello Freedom today! I had the pleasure of interviewing my pal, Colette Baron-Reid, who is a well-known psychic medium, an intuitive and a best selling author.  We are breaking down how you can become more intuitive and what is in store for 2016!


I hope you have an amazing week and as always, take care of you.


Love Love Love,




Colette Baron-Reid on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

As much as I’ve done all kinds of therapeutic modalities in my life, I never was really into the psychic thing. But when I did a reading with today’s guest, Colette Baron-Reid, I was really amazed and I found it really soothing and helpful.


Colette is a spiritual intuitive; she’s truly a psychic and she’s extremely gifted. She really is a superwoman: she’s had a TV show for years, she’s a bestselling author, a speaker, a recording artist, an entrepreneur, plus she rides a Harley.


I know this isn’t my typical guest, but I wanted to do something different today and have Colette do some oracle readings for all of us. I hope you enjoy our interview and that it opens your mind to something different.


“Everything was so secret, I had to use my peripheral senses to know what was going on.” –  Colette Baron-Reid

 Show Notes:

  • Her journey to becoming a successful intuitive
  • How her mother’s past as a Holocaust survivor affected her
  • Why her family’s secretive lives led her to use her senses
  • How she started reading minds
  • Using her abilities to help other people

“Look at what’s in the invisible, what does that mean to me, how does that balance my sense of reality, and how can it be used in service to others.” – Colette Baron-Reid


  • Why she believes she just has an aptitude for these skills
  • How she explains her abilities
  • Why she creates her oracle cards
  • Listen to a reading from Colette’s website

“I believe it’s just consciousness, and I have an aptitude and ability to access information from an amorphous place where I see potentials and probabilities and I’m able to put puzzles together.” – Colette Baron-Reid


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“If I have to say no, I have to say no. That’s non-negotiable.” – Colette Baron-Reid


*image courtesy of Dania J


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  1. Terri I really enjoyed what you shared about intuition. I have really worked on tuning into mine and my life has been filled with more peace in my heart. I also loved your interview with Colette Baron-Reid.Thank you,MaryB

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