Christine Hassler on The Terri Cole Show

Christine Hassler on The Terri Cole Show

My guest, Christine Hassler, is a friend, bestselling author, fellow podcaster and coach. She is known globally for her ability to identify what holds people back and compassionately guide them to clarity. She just naturally has a way of making complex concepts accessible.

Christine came to our show in January 2016 to talk about getting over your “expectation hangover”, but today we’re talking about a totally different topic. Today we talk all about your inner child and we do an inner child exercise in the middle of this episode.

On today’s show, we talk about the disease to please, the importance of intuition, and how you can learn about your inner child. We also discuss the common misunderstandings about the inner child and how navigating this process can help you fall in love with yourself again.

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“Anything that’s up for them in their present-day life, 99,9% of the time has roots to their childhood.” – Christine Hassler

Show Notes:

  • How to identify the disease to please
  • The importance of learning about your inner child
  • How to learn about your inner child
  • How to bring your inner child to mind
  • The importance of intuition
  • Why people avoid going back to their inner childhood
  • What protective mechanism is
  • What a high functioning codependent person is
  • The importance of having good boundaries

“So much of these protective mechanisms we adopt as adults, but they really start in our childhood, really just block us from love and intimacy.” – Christine Hassler

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“Control and certainty is something that’s important for the inner child.” – Christine Hassler

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