Christine Gutierrez on The Terri Cole Show

Christine Gutierrez on The Terri Cole ShowMy guest today, Christine Gutierrez, is the author of the upcoming book I am Diosa. Diosa means goddess in Spanish and it has a lot to do with the message she wants to share around women’s empowerment.

Christine is a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, expert in love addiction, trauma abuse, and self-esteem. She has been featured in Time Out NY, Latina Magazine, Yahoo Health, Ebony, Cosmo for Latinas, Huffington Post, and others. As an author and life coach, her mission is to tell people that they are not alone by inviting them to come back home to their soul as a divine being.

On today’s show, Christine and I dive into why she became a psychotherapist and to why decided to write her book, how to honor the invisible injuries in your life, how repetitive patterns can show up in your life, and much more.

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“When you know you are not alone, you heal faster.” – Christine Gutierrez

Show Notes:

  • How to honor the invisible injuries in your life
  • How to map out your soul future
  • What is I am Diosa
  • What a repetitive pattern is and how harmful it can be
  • How to heal repetitive patterns
  • The importance of self-love

“Self love is always a win-win.” –  Christine Gutierrez

Links Mentioned:

  • Preorder the “I Am Diosa” book here.
  • Connect with Christine Gutierrez:

 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |Christine Gutierrez

“It takes some work in order to really trust yourself enough to know that if you do this work you will be better.” – Christine Gutierrez

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