Christina Rasmussen on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Christina Rasmussen on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeI’m so excited to bring Christina Rasmussen, author and acclaimed grief educator to talk about life after death on today’s show.

The incredibly wise Christina Rasmussen is the author of Second Firsts and Where Did You Go?. She is the founder of The Life Reentry Institute and has helped countless people break out of what she coined the “waiting room” of grief to rebuild their lives through her Life Reentry Model.

With this, Christina introduces a new model of grief based on the science of neuroplasticity. She describes grief as a catalyst for redefining identity, and outlines the process of “reentry”, or returning to life.


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“I started to discover an invisible deeper reality that didn’t just include the people we lost, but included creation.” – Christina Rasmussen

Show Notes:

  • How to deal with grief
  • Where do you go after death
  • Is afterlife real?
  • What is an illusion
  • How to communicate with the dead

“We do not know what 90% of our existence is made up of.” – Christina Rasmussen

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“The number one thing to do is to TRUST.” – Christina Rasmussen

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