Bulletproof Protection Against Psychopaths & Narcissists on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Bulletproof Protection Against Psychopaths & Narcissists on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeHave you ever been in a conversation with someone and you feel like they are intentionally misunderstanding you? Like they twist your words? It is so frustrating. Being involved with psychopaths or narcissists in your daily life is just that: incredibly frustrating. Whether it’s romantically, in your family, or in your workplace, many of us cannot just go cold turkey no contact with these people in our lives.

Today I’m talking about how to manage psychopaths in your life. We know you can’t engage with them because no matter what you say, it just feeds them. But a few years ago I found a new method, and I’m excited to share it with you and help you use it in your own life.

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“This is primarily a way of encouraging the psychopath or narcissist or whomever to lose interest in you.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is the gray rock method
  • How to make yourself uninteresting
  • The difference between the gray rock method and no-contact method
  • How to become boring and uninteresting
  • Why you have to get rid of shiny valuable things in your life
  • Be careful of using the gray rock method too much
  • Why you need a different plan if someone is actually dangerous

“They start to get it in their own mind that there isn’t going to be satisfaction from you with the narcissistic supply of drama they need.” – Terri Cole

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“The gray rock method teaches you to do nothing that is interesting or exciting.” – Terri Cole



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  1. You know I think I’ve spent my whole adult (and likely child) life trying to be a grey rock. So different to pretending to be a grey rock and covering your colour in clay when they’re around (have you heard the golden buddha story?). Literally anything good or shiny or enjoyable or special or awful or interesting or dramatic about me and my life, I have stripped away so I don’t draw unwanted attention from my narcissistic mom. I have been trying not to be ‘too happy’ or ‘too sad’, ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’, ‘too extravagant’ or ‘too dull’, ‘too ill’ or ‘too well’… and balancing those things basically amount to NOT EXISTING (grey rock). Now I have a label for her behaviour (narcissist= thank you counselor) and recognise her mental disorder, I know what I have been doing I need to allow my life to be colourful, and yet ensure she doesn’t see or have access to anything that ‘interesting’. Thank you for this podcast and for helping me label this unhealthy coping mechanism.

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