Breaking Up Part 2 on The Terri Cole Show

Breaking Up Part 2 on The Terri Cole ShowThis episode is a sequel to the Should You End It? episode #232.

Today, I’m talking about how to break up with someone humanely. If you feel like it is time to end your relationship to live your fullest life, then I hope this step by step guide is helpful for you.

I talk about how to prepare for a breakup, the importance of a “clean break” and not relying on your ex after you break up, how to communicate clearly and have respect for the person that you’re ending a relationship with, and more.

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“You are not responsible for the emotions and the feeling states of other people.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to break up with someone
  • How to prepare for a breakup
  • Indications that you want to be single
  • How to communicate clearly
  • The importance of a clean break
  • How to have a healthy breakup
  • Why you need to spend time alone

“Sometimes someone is perfectly awesome, but they’re just not your person. And you breaking up with them is actually freeing them to be with someone who actually is their person.” – Terri Cole

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“Don’t make any promises in the short run.” – Terri Cole


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  1. Thx you Terri, this is a total blessing and gave me the courage to get out of a toxic relationship. I wasn’t sure what to say, plus I tried before and ended up doin the whole we can be friends thing so yea like u said i was stuck right back in it. I tried this and it is a Miracle.
    TY, TY Ty. Sheila. Love your stuff.

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