So many of my most creative and inspired ideas come to me when I’m having fun. And one of my favorite ways to have fun is by spending time with friends. Whether I am exploring a personal issue, something family related or wanting to create my next business idea, getting together with my posse is a surefire way to get feedback and support.

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Many people have become accustomed to doing it all on their own. They don’t want to ‘bother’ or ‘burden’ friends, family or even colleagues by asking for help, insight or guidance. Though this do-it-yourself habit can be uninspiring and create feelings of isolation. Not to mention going at it alone is a lot less fun, in my book.

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Most people are excited to give you their opinions and advice if you just ask. Even though your mafia mind may be telling you otherwise. The truth is people enjoy helping people. I know for myself I get inspired and lit up, when I know I can bring value to another. I also feel honored when someone asks me to give them my insight on an issue that’s important to them. There is a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie that comes from knowing you have been a catalyst in some way for another’s success.Giving helpful advice is like giving a gift, and I would say most people enjoy giving as much or more than they do receiving.

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To some degree we have become a society of separates. The idea that you ‘should’ (one of my least favorite words) be able to do it on your own is outdated and antiquated. We all need and deserve to be seen, heard and supported and with the internet it is easier than ever before. Find and gather your people and be brave enough to ask for the help. You’re next great inspiration, step or business idea may be just one, fun night out, away.

My 2 favorite F words that lead to happiness and health

This week I challenge you to ask for help, inspiration or whatever else it is you need. Ask people you know you can trust and rely on, and make it fun. Ditch the idea that you need to go at anything alone by allowing yourself to ask for and receive the support you need. You can build your business, expand your life and increase your happiness, and you don’t need to do it alone.

Where could you use an extra set of hands or another person to bounce ideas off of? In the comments below I would love for you to share one thing you commit to asking for help with this week. I can’t wait to hear from you.

And as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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