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I know that so many of you are, like me, lifelong seekers. You may be trying to gain clarity around your beliefs, your perspectives on life after death, about God or a higher power, and things like that.

Today I’m sharing an interview that I think you’ll really like with my friend Anjali Kumar. Anjali is a Brooklyn-born, first-generation Indian-American author, attorney, advisor, speaker, and, as some call her, an idea acupuncturist. After giving birth to her daughter a handful of years ago, she realized she needed to do some seeking of her own. She knew that her daughter would start asking her questions when she got older about these ideas and that she didn’t have her own answers. So she went on her own spiritual journey, trying on different experiences to see what beliefs resonated with her.

All of this culminated in her new book Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe In. In it you can read about her amazing search for the answers that resonated with her. In our conversation, we talked about a few stops on that adventure and what Anjali found.

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“No one can have absolute knowledge of the truth, including when it comes to religious beliefs.” – Anjali Kumar

Show Notes:

  • How the birth of Anjali’s daughter inspired her new book
  • What is the premise of the book
  • How Burning Man was more spiritual than she expected
  • Why Anjali put herself in situations she wouldn’t normally try
  • It was more about the experience than writing the book
  • What her silent retreat experience was like
  • What happens when you remove that level of communication
  • Who are you without your stories

“I’m a professional curious person, is the theme I’m finding in my life.” – Anjali Kumar

Anjali KumarLinks Mentioned:

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“I just started unlocking a lot of deep stuff that was coming up in waves of feeling that I didn’t understand.” – Anjali Kumar





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