The advent of online streaming platforms has created new opportunities for women to be starring roles on television, on their own terms. If you’ve seen Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you know this to be true. This show is filled with a myriad of compelling, dark, hilarious and complex female characters, including Fig, the tough assistant warden, played by today’s guest, Alysia Reiner.

Alysia is furthering the movement of more women in media and has a beautiful new film out called Equity that she both produced and acted in, and is the first ever female driven film about Wall Street.Alysia Reiner on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

When Alysia and I were on a panel together not that long ago she was saying that she wasn’t really sure what was going to happen with the film. However it seems success was inevitable as this beautiful film went to Sundance and got picked up by Sony Picture Classics, and is now being released across the country.

Alysia is one of those people who is on the right side of the light in the entertainment industry and actually doing good work in the world. She is a change-maker who speaks about un-stereotyping women, and wants more women to become entrepreneurs and financially independent. She is also involved with the female prison system, helping women to integrate back into society after their release.

Listen now to our interview and hear why telling women’s stories is changing the world.

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“My goal, my dream is to tell stories that move people and make people think about who they are and hopefully impact change.” – Alysia Reiner

Show Notes:

  • Why Alysia only makes movies that speak to her
  • The untold stories of women on Wall Street
  • What is the response to her new film Equity
  • What inspired Alysia to take on the role of producing
  • The value of storytelling
  • How producing made Alysia own her skill set

“When I think about my mission statement as a human, it’s to tell stories that other people might be afraid to tell and to tell stories that make the world a better place.” – Alysia Reiner


  • Why it’s good to think out-of-the-box
  • Being skilled and being blessed aren’t mutually exclusive
  • How Orange is the New Black broke barriers
  • Why she got involved helping women in prisons
  • How she is teaching her daughter about meditation and mindfulness
  • Why you have to take massive action from right mind

“Can we really incite change? Can more women feel empowered to ask for a raise? Can we really move the needle for women in corporate America and balancing being a mother and working?” – Alysia Reiner


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“I truly believe in massive action, but coming from right mind is really important. ” – Alysia Reiner









*Featured image courtesy of Andrei Dinu

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