Alexandra Jamieson on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

On today’s episode, we’re talking about cravings: what your cravings say about you, what your body is trying to tell you with your cravings. Do you ever crave food when what you really want is affection? How often do you dial in and listen to the wisdom your body has for you?

To help us begin to answer some of these questions, I’m talking with Alexandra Jamieson. Now you may have heard of Alexandra – she co-created and co-starred in the Oscar-nominated documentary, Supersize Me. These days, she is a vegan chef, author, and cravings expert.

Her most recent book Women, Food and Desire, is all about listening to and honoring your cravings. She is a master of gut health, and the best part is how she understands the connection between our emotional and physical health.

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“Your body is constantly telling you information, and one of the ways it speaks to you is cravings. ” –  Alexandra Jamieson

Show Notes:

  • How to feel good in your body
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • The influence your gut has on how you feel
  • How your gut is your intuitive nervous system
  • Why women are trained not to listen to their intuition
  • How your body remembers what your mind forgets

“Your body is telling you things, and you just have to see it, feel it, and know that it’s there.” – Alexandra Jamieson


  • Why you should ask your body questions
  • Why you have to know what you want
  • What are the toxic 6
  • What happens when you start to make changes in your life
  • Why you have to ask for specific help
  • Why the morning is an important time of day

“It can be really challenging to tune into what’s important to you.” – Alexandra Jamieson


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“Freedom means having agency in my life. ” – Alexandra Jamieson


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