You may not actively choose a perspective smack, but life will offer up many opportunities whether you request them or not. Superstorm Sandy, a presidential election, Veterans Day, and the annual holiday season are all events that can shake us up and change the way we view the world. Your day-to-day status quo is interrupted and your perspective gets smacked.

On a positive note, any event that has the power to smack your perspective also provides an opportunity to make changes in line with your realizations, if you choose to stay conscious and take action.

It is so easy to slip into complaining about small inconveniences or to focus on what is wrong on a daily basis. But when in the middle of a health crisis or natural disaster, what actually matters in your life becomes crystal clear. This clarity is a gift we can use to realign our priorities.

The challenge is to not wait until crisis strikes to go from complaining to gratitude.

Can you take any of your recent perspective smacks to create lasting change? Yes you can.

To flex your gratitude muscle, I invite you to write down FIVE things you complain about on a daily basis and make a commitment to change that habit. With your list in hand (or in your pocket or on your mobile device), when the urge to mindlessly start complaining about the usual stuff arises, STOP, breathe, and drop into feeling gratitude for everything that is right in your life, right now. 

With a little effort and present moment awareness, you can create positive thought patterns that bring more joy to your internal experience. This will also add value to our collective experience.

I hope you harness the power of transformation that your recent perspective smacks have provided and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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  1. Great!! Complaining gets so boring and I think I was getting so tired of it. My friend remarked the other day that I hadn’t mentioned my usual complaint for ages. I said it was because I was even boring myself with it. Once I said it out loud I realised just how bored I had been about complaining!!!
    Thanks for this one gorgeous xx

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