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“People are waking up and saying, ‘Oh wait, this actually isn’t satisfying. It’s not nourishing. The race to be somebody and get somewhere and acquire wealth is not what it’s cracked up to be.’” – Chela Davison


I am so excited to have my pal, Chela Davison, on the show to share her thoughts and observations on the “quiet quitting” movement. We dive deep into themes like living seasonally, pushing back against workaholism, figuring out our identity outside of work, and why working constantly simply isn’t sustainable. We explore what it might be like to do “slow business,” too.

Chela is an original thinker and I enjoyed her take on this so much. I hope you do, too. As we said during our conversation, share your thoughts with us below!


  • 3:00 Thoughts on quiet quitting and what it is
  • 5:40 Our shifts in values (wanting to value rest!)
  • 9:15 The development of workaholism + transitioning out of it
  • 14:10 Working with the seasons + energetic extraction
  • 20:25 What is the alternative to quiet quitting?
  • 26:20 The relentless pursuit of self-improvement
  • 31:50 Planning expectations of yourself
  • 34:15 When resting actually causes anxiety

Connect with Chela Davison:

Chela Davison is an Integral Master Coach™, Writer, Developmental Program Designer, Speaker and the Host of the What is Leadership? Podcast. She is the creator of LEAD, a group coaching intensive for leaders who are aligning their deepest calling and genius with their work and impact in the world, and hosts the Creative Cauldron, an ongoing work party for creatives to write and make their art.

Chela started her first business at the age of 19 and has been coaching creative and mission-driven entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, and practitioners for over 20 years. She is the former President of Integral Coaching Canada and Lead Teacher of the Integral Coaching Certification Program, where she trained and certified hundreds of Integral Coaches™ worldwide. Chela was the Lead Architect of Danielle LaPorte’s Heart-Centered Facilitator Training and brings passionate expertise to designing and facilitating transformational programs online and in person to groups, teams and individuals. She is a mother, disciple of nature, student of comedy, and is writing her first solo show. Chela is grateful to live, work and play on the unceded lands of the Squamish nation.


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