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“When we have rock solid boundaries, when we know ourselves, and when we have self-respect— Other people respect that. When we look to others for permission to have preferences, limits, or deal breakers, we are setting ourselves and our relationships up to fail.” – Terri Cole



When you make a mistake, how do you talk to yourself? Is it the same way you would talk to a loved one or are you harsh and overly tough with yourself?

How much is your worth connected to your productivity and what you can do for others? Do you feel worthy of love simply because you exist?

This episode is all about what self-love actually is and what it looks like in action, because there are a lot of myths out there (hint: it’s not just about getting a mani/pedi).

You’ll learn some indications of having a deficit of self-love and ideas on how you can create more rock-solid self-love, because you deserve it, my friend!


  • Signs you might be lacking self-love
    • 02:55 Excessive negative self-talk
    • 04:12 A strong need to please others
    • 05:40 Insufficient boundaries and codependency
    • 06:55 Minimizing your own achievements
  • Five ways you can strengthen your self-love
    • 09:40 Know your own preferences, limits, and deal breakers
    • 12:20 Flex your self-compassion muscle
    • 15:20 Practice self-forgiveness
    • 16:40 Crush your racket
    • 18:35 Get your boundary house in order

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  1. Love this session. No matter how far down the long and winding journey towards completion; I feel more deeply seen, known and heard. I gain insight and leave the listening with a new or more enhanced tool in my tool kit!! Thanks Teri!!

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