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“One of the foundational principles of deepening intimacy is nurturing each other’s nervous systems. You’ve got to know your partner’s wounds, their pain, their history, their values, and their triggers. When you understand those things, your conflict doesn’t come from such a regressive place– You can start to expand beyond your conditioned somatic bodies.” – Stefanos Sifandos


In today’s episode, I’m sharing a fascinating conversation with Stefanos Sifandos. I met Stefanos through his wife Christine Hassler, a wonderful life coach and podcast host who I’ve known her for a really long time. After they got married and had a baby, I started to follow Stefanos as well. He has more than 20 years experience in the personal transformation space, and his work around love, sensuality, and sexuality is outstanding. He shares advice on how knowing yourself can help you become a better parent and partner and how willingness to surrender can open you to deeper intimacy. Plus, Stefanos shares his own story of healing from an unhealthy sex and romance addiction.


  • 02:35 How Stefanos’s deep, unfulfilled desire for intimacy eventually led him to become an expert in relationships
  • 04:50 The difficult path of healing from addiction
  • 10:50 Becoming a better parent for your child than you had yourself
  • 18:10 Fostering deep intimacy and safety in a partnership
  • 22:40 Surrendering and becoming present in love by relinquishing control
  • 29:45 The way Stefanos overcame his most challenging boundary struggle

Connect with Stefanos Sifandos:

Stefanos Sifandos has experience spanning more than 20 years in the personal development and self-help space. He helps men, women, and couples actualise their full potential, feel empowered, and build a true sense of self via coaching, facilitation, events and retreats, workshops, different meditation methods and the teaching of self-healing. Stefanos is one of the most sought-after personal, relationship, and professional coaches on the planet. Stefanos has created his unique model around human interaction, leadership, communication, sexuality, psychology, and self-empowerment. He works closely with his now-wife Christine Hassler. They share businesses and programs together including Inner-child workshops, Be The Queen, Relationship Courses, Breathwork & Meditation, and more. All of these unique programs reside under the Love Amplified banner – which is all about empowering individuals and couples to step deeper into love, by healing their pasts.

He is the founder of Mpowered Brotherhood, a men’s movement providing wellness services to men worldwide, supporting men in moving through their trauma and pain.

He is the co-founder of Elementum Coaching Institute, an educational platform that takes coaches through one of the most comprehensive curriculums related to coaching.

His philosophy merges the Eastern and Western methodologies to promote spiritual balance. Using integrative techniques and methods, such as neural empowerment, Shamanic Praxis, Holotropic, and biodynamic breathwork, trauma release and integration, western psychology, and Eastern Mysticism, Stefanos has created programs, models, and systems to enhance the quality of people’s lives, intimate relationships, and bringing people closer to their potential.

His work addresses aspects such as trauma release, modern masculinity, and helping women understand the men in their lives. He has worked with men and women from different backgrounds, including special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, and elite world champion fighters.

Stefanos founded multiple programs including Reclaim Your Kingdom – a 12-principle immersive online program for men to start a transformative journey of revelation and expansion. This program is a pragmatic and practical way to evolve ways leveraging ancient wisdom and modern techniques (such as neuroscience, modern psychology, Eastern mysticism, and evolutionary psychology) to become more connected, intelligent, adaptive, strong, inclusive, and open as men.

Another program he founded is The Conscious Man which is based on eight comprehensive principles that define healthy masculinity in contemporary times having modules comprised of information, videos, and robust practices and tools helping people change old patterns neurologically, behaviorally, and relationally.

Stefanos also runs his private coaching practice and multiple programs with his wife. He has been featured on podcasts including Earn Your Happy, Podcast by Natalie Jill, The Highest Self Podcast, The Ben Greenfield Podcast, Mark Groves Podcast, The Optimal Body Podcast, Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, The Lifestyle Podcast, and Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

You can find Stefanos on Instagram @stefanossifandos at or his website,

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