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“Bad things happen, that is the world. But you obsessing about all the potential bad things won’t do anything to stop them from happening. What should you do instead? The productive flipside of worrying is preparedness.”
– Terri Cole



Do you ever find yourself exhausted and you’re not sure why? Do you ask yourself, “Why am I soooo tired?” often? 

Emotional energy leaks can drain us of our vitality and leave us physically exhausted, compromising our quality of life.

Listen now to learn how to identify and fix energy leaks that might be sucking your precious bandwidth dry! 


  • Common habits that drain your emotional energy
    • 03:15 Taxing relationships
    • 04:15 Worrying
    • 07:25 Procrastination
    • 09:45 Binge watching
    • 10:30 Overworking
    • 12:25 Codependency
    • 14:55 Disordered boundaries

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