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“You can’t just suppress everything, that doesn’t help. You need to feel your feelings. Acknowledge them, and they dissipate — it gets easier.” – Ione Butler


Do you ever scroll social media and think to yourself, “Wow, there’s never anything but bad news?” Well, today’s guest Ione Butler was tired of the exact same experience. She created a platform called Uplifting Content to share the kind of content that she wanted to see, including inspiring stories of human kindness and advice about healing and self-care. Today, we chat about why good news is so important and how sharing your story with others can prepare you for positive change.


  • 02:30 Ione’s origin story: How her struggle with depression led her to start a platform for uplifting content
  • 04:35 How making acting a want rather than a need allowed it to fit better into Ione’s life
  • 06:50 The way Ione combats her depression with self-care
  • 13:55 An uplifting story about overcoming adversity from Ione’s book
  • 18:45 I share my own story about the cautionary tale that helped me end my alcoholism
  • 24:10 Centering practices to promote meditation and mindfulness
  • 28:00 Ione’s most challenging boundary struggle

Connect with Ione Butler:

Ione is a British-born actress, host, voice-over artist, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA.

Ione’s first passion was acting, she loved the buzz she got from telling stories and affecting people through her performances. She has starred in numerous feature films, television shows, and commercials and traveled the world playing Susanna Moyer in “Ingress”, the original game from the creators of Pokemon Go.

In 2016 Ione decided to pursue her second love, being of service and helping others. She was tired of the Hollywood hustle and instead put her focus and attention on her own projects. In March 2016 she launched Uplifting Content (formerly Unified Soul Theory) an inspirational digital platform with a following of 1.3M+ across social media channels.

Ione is passionate about inspiring people to live their dream life and be of service. She is a champion of anyone who is on a mission to help others and the planet. She likes to speak on topics such as personal development, transformation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, spirituality, health and wellness, vegetarianism, travel, and love.

You can find Ione on plenty of social media platforms at @ionebutler and @upliftingcont, plus, check out her book at your favorite bookstore!

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