My Top 4 Verbs of Epic Love on The Terri Cole Show

My Top 4 Verbs of Epic Love on The Terri Cole Show

What does epic love look like in real life? If your answer starts with acknowledgment, gratitude and acceptance, you are in the right path.

It is Real Love Revolution season, and on this show, I talk about John and Julie Gottman’s Love Lab and The Masters of Love and The Disasters of Love. They talk about this thing called “bidding”, where we bid for the attention of our partner in a relationship.

Epic loves does not just happen as we see in movies and shows, but it is a life-long process of trial and errors, gratitude for the small things, and a process overcoming fights, doubts, and accepting your person as they are.

Join me as I share my top 4 verbs of Epic Love on this week’s episode.


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“The more gratitude that you create and the more gratitude that you voice, the more goodwill you are building up.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What “bidding” means in love relationships
  • Why focusing on what is WRONG does not create epic love
  • How to create camaraderie with your partner
  • The importance of accepting your significant other as they are
  • How to elevate meaning

“Feeling seen in your brilliance and in your bad stuff, and being loved anyway, that is what epic love looks like.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“If you feel accepted by your partner is half of the battle of creating a soft place to land.” – Terri Cole

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