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“When I am stressed, I remind myself: I am a body, I am breath, I am heart. I am so much more than my mind, so I don’t need to allow it to dominate all of me.” – Vandana Kohli


Today I’m sharing a chat with filmmaker, writer, and musician Vandana Kohli. She joins me from India to discuss how our constant interaction with electronics is causing a global mental health crisis. Plus, she shares mindfulness practices that will help you find a balance between your digital connectedness and your mental health.


  • 02:00 What inspired Vandana to write Hinge, a journey through the social context behind mental illness
  • 03:27 How constant interfacing with electronics is causing a global mental health crisis
  • 09:15 Mindfulness practices that can help you limit the impact electronics have on your life
  • 12:06 How a sense of powerlessness over your lifestyle can lead to anger
  • 15:24 Finding a balance between mental health and digital connectedness
  • 17:06 Vandana’s most challenging boundary struggle

Connect with Vandana Kohli:

Vandana Kohli is a filmmaker and writer with an interest in the human mind, behavior and efficiency. Educated in Film, History and Commerce from the best schools in India, Vandana has won awards for excellence at each Institute, including topping Delhi University.

She majored in Film Editing at the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and has attended the Professional Program for Producers at UCLA, Los Angeles.

Vandana has produced and directed the acclaimed documentary The Subtext Of Anger, among several other projects. Her production of the Indian National Anthem has over 9 million views on social media.

She is the author of HINGE: (Re)Discovering Emotional and Mental Wellness, published by Rupa Publications, 2021. She has written a weekly column ‘Mindscape’ for The Week magazine on mind-emotion-psyche, from 2012-2018, and conducts talks and workshops on Understanding and Managing Anger, on Focus and Mindfulness.

Vandana has served twice on the Jury for the National Film Awards (62nd and 66th). She served as Member, Board of Governors, for the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), from 2016-2019.

She is Founder and Director of Tulip Comfort Wear, an apparel line for women to work-travel-lounge in.

Vandana has released two instrumental albums of Indian Melodies on the Piano with T Series, and loves to sing old Indian Film songs with the guitar.

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