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“It’s so incredibly painful to have this childhood experience, but then it’s so repeatable. When we grow up, we repeat the models of behavior that we saw.” – Terri Cole



Do you feel like you’re continually struggling in relationships with the same self-absorbed, controlling people? It could be in your romantic relationships, friendships, family, or work relationships. 

Maybe you keep finding yourself with narcissistic partners even though after your last breakup you swore, “never again”… 

Or you get a new job and, sure enough, you end up with the same version of your last bully boss. 

If you’re nodding your head yes, trust me, you are not alone. Looking into our past can help us understand why we might be enacting behavior patterns that can leave us vulnerable to narcissists. 

Listen to today’s episode to learn the most common signs of being raised by a narcissist, plus the 5 red flags you should look for in your relationship/dating life so you get empowered to break the cycle. 


  • 03:31 Signs you may have grown up with a narcissistic parent:
  • 03:44 Emotional blackmail
  • 04:13 Punishing, conditional love
  • 05:18 Competitiveness
  • 06:38 Dishonesty
  • 07:15 Lack of emotional empathy
  • 09:14 They center themselves in your other relationships
  • 10:52 Extreme reactions to criticism
  • 11:21 Boundary destruction
  • 12:15 Why you might attract another narcissistic relationship
  • 13:46 Red flags that can help you avoid dating a narcissist:
  • 14:03 Gaslighting
  • 14:50 Devaluing you
  • 15:41 Chronic victimhood
  • 17:04 Blaming you

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