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“Listen with an open heart and mind. When we’re really effective listeners, we are creating space for the other person to share what they truly want to share. Listen with the mindful intention of understanding, not gathering evidence to make the other person wrong.” – Terri Cole


When you are in a conflict do you clam up and go silent? Do you run away and avoid it at all costs? Or maybe you explode and escalate it? 

Listen to this episode to learn the top four most common communication in conflict issues that people experience. Plus, you’ll get some tips and scripts that you can use when you find yourself in a heated situation. 


  • 03:35 Breaking down effective and ineffective communication styles
  • 06:48 Listen to understand, not just to talk
  • 08:58 Don’t use the silent treatment to convey displeasure
  • 13:03 Express your needs honestly and specifically
  • 15:16 Avoid defensiveness and blame

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