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“Awareness is the first step to creating a love blueprint by design— Your design, that is actually aligned with what you want in a relationship.” – Terri Cole



Real Love Revolution season is in full swing, my people, and that means I’ll be teaching all month long about how to raise your love vibe and create vibrant, lasting love in your life!

One of the foundational pieces of my body of work on healthy love is the love blueprint. Your love blueprint contains information to help you understand the conscious and unconscious ways you currently relate to love. 

This learned behavior is not your fault, but understanding it now is your responsibility– especially if you want to make changes in your love life. The exciting news is with the right tools and guidance, you absolutely have the power to rewrite your love blueprint.

In today’s episode, I’m going to teach you how to uncover your downloaded love blueprint!


  • 02:20 Why you should be aware of your downloaded love blueprint
  • 03:09 What impression did you have of your parental impactors’ relationship?
  • 03:42 Some backstory on my own downloaded love blueprint
  • 12:48 Taking inventory of your relationship influences
  • 16:12 Integrate your new self-understanding into your decision making with moderation

Links Mentioned:

Find the guide to help you discover your specific and unique love blueprint here.

Join me for a 3 month course designed to help you gain even more self-knowledge and create your own, custom love blueprint.

Take the boundary quiz and learn more about your Boundary Style

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