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“It might sound cliche, but the inner asshole thinks it’s protecting us. So offer it compassion: ‘I see you, I get you, but I don’t need it anymore.’” – Jennifer Pastiloff


Today I’m sharing a girlfriend jam with Jennifer Pastiloff. She shares her takeaways about her experiences with the traumatic loss of a parent and her deafness and how it led her to write her book, On Being Human, how to quiet your inner asshole voice with kindness, and how to reach outside your bubble to truly be of service to other humans and feel connected to the world.


  • 03:30 How Jennifer’s trauma and healing led her to write her book On Being Human
  • 08:00 How to quiet your inner asshole
  • 11:10 How Jennifer’s hearing loss and tinnitus have impacted her life
  • 16:24 Fostering connection and being of service outside your bubble
  • 18:32 Jennifer’s category-defying retreats and workshops
  • 24:48 Jennifer’s shame trajectory
  • 33:04 Why authentic vulnerability can be disarming
  • 39:28 How Jennifer overcame her most challenging boundary struggle

Connect with Jennifer Pastiloff:

Jen Pastiloff travels the world with her unique workshop “On Being Human,” a hybrid of yoga-related movement, writing, sharing out loud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party. Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild, calls Jen “a conduit of awakenings.” Jen has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, Health Magazine, CBS News, and more for her unique style of teaching, which she has taught to thousands of women in sold-out workshops all over the world. Bring a journal, an open heart, and the willingness to grow open and stronger for her workshops.

She is also the founder of the online magazine The Manifest-Station. Jen leads annual retreats to Italy and France and she is the guest speaker at Canyon Ranch and Miraval Resorts a couple of times each year. She also leads Writing and The Body workshops with author Lidia Yuknavitch. Jen also offers scholarships to a woman who has lost a child through The Aleksander Fund.

When she is not traveling, she is based in Los Angeles with her husband and son and a cup of coffee. Her memoir On Being Human is available wherever books are sold. You can find out more about Jen and her work on her website

Follow Jen on Instagram at @jenpastiloff or Facebook. She is also the creator of @nobullshitmotherhood on Instagram. Her motto to live by is Don’t Be An Asshole. She even owns the URL. Listen as Jen talks, Love Forward Talks: Inspiration to Love and Be Loved More than Ever.

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