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“It’s the least practical thing in the world to take the thing that’s most valuable, your time, which is not forever, and waste it doing things that don’t light you up — What is that?” – Cathy Heller


Today I’m sharing a super insightful jam with my girlfriend Cathy Heller. We chat about how you can tap into your passion and pivot from what you’re doing now into what you really want to do, hear the inspiration behind Cathy’s podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” and express the importance of making time for the things that make you light up with happiness, even when they aren’t practical.


  • 04:06 Learning from parents instead of replicating them
  • 06:50 The unique human desire to be fulfilled and contribute to society
  • 09:30 Finding your passion by following clues
  • 15:38 Cultivating the confidence to follow your dreams
  • 20:44 Imposter syndrome and false humility
  • 25:20 The power of open-hearted vibration
  • 29:20 Inspiring people to follow their hearts’ desires
  • 38:08 Improving your mental health by doing things that light you up
  • 45:55 Cathy’s most challenging boundary struggle

Connect with Cathy Heller:

Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which has over 21 million downloads and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, and several times by Apple.

Each week Cathy encourages thousands of listeners to find more purpose and get paid to do what they love. Throughout the show, she has interviewed creative entrepreneurs like actors Matthew McConaughey and Jenna Fischer, entrepreneur and blogger Seth Godin, Grammy-winning singers Harry Connick Jr and Jason Mraz, NYT bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics founder Bobbi Brown, designer Jonathan Adler, psychologist Adam Grant, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, Starbucks’s Howard Schultz, HGTV’s Property Brothers, and author Gretchen Rubin to name a few.

Cathy’s book Don’t Keep Your Day Job was released in November 2019 with Macmillan. It’s filled with inspirational stories from people in her community who have taken control of their life’s journey. Her book goes into detail about how to find the work you’re meant to do, grow your business, and wake up to a life you love.

She is a phenomenal leader for creative entrepreneurs and she’s helping people everywhere add their gifts to the world. Cathy often says “purpose is the opposite of depression” and she is truly lifting others to be the happiest version of themselves.

Check out Cathy’s podcast (I was on an episode!) and book here and hang out with her on Instagram!

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