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“A mother wound is the psychological injury that you incurred because of the maternal impactor in your life.” – Terri Cole



Do you ever think that somehow something was wrong with your relationship with you and your mother? 

When you hear other people rejoicing about their mothers or their relationship with them, do you think “nope, not me.” 

There are so many people out there that have these feelings, which is why in today’s episode of The Terri Cole Show, I’m talking about how you can understand if you have a mother wound that needs your attention. So, I’m defining a mother wound, the causes of it, how it could be showing up in your life currently, and the benefits of healing from it.


  • 03:08 What is a mother wound?
  • 06:50 Causes of the mother wound
  • 10:24 How does the mother wound show up in your life
  • 15:56 Benefits of healing the mother wound

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  1. I have recently been exploring this with my therapist. Your comments today about self sabotage hit the mark for me. I realize that’s what I have been doing with trying to buy myself a new home. Between my ex-husband’s warped view around money(never enough) and my mother’s idea of not deserving good things and always settling for ‘good enough. ‘ I realize part of the reason is I find a problem with the home, that’s it’s not the right one, to keep myself from actually following through.
    I sat down and cried and felt like throwing up when it hit me. My body was so strongly rejecting this concept. I been feeling so stuck with where I am in my life and this helps give me some clarity. I hope I can make better decisions for me as I move forward with my new home search and with my new path.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      I’m glad this resonated for you and I’m holding space for you with so much compassion as you continue this journey and continue to work with your therapist ❤️

  2. Hello, is it possible for my husband to have some of the same things you describe as a result of a mother wound? do men have the same kinds of manifestations of this kind of wound as women? thank you! I love your podcast! I listen on you tube! all the best!

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